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Tuesday April 24, 2018 at 7 pm
Beyond Mercury: Heavy Metals Update​ presented by David Quig, PhD​

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Our meetings are generally held on the last Tuesday or Wednesday of each month. The first 30 minutes is for a potluck and networking with colleagues and vendors. Meetings start at 7:00pm and continue until 8:30pm.  Please see our schedule below for a listing of our upcoming events. 


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Address:  1450 114th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98004

                  1st floor Training Room, CONIFER Building, Bellefield Office Park

Time:        6:30-8:30 (first 30 minutes for networking and potluck)
Cost:         $20



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Tuesday April 24th, 2018 at 7 pm
Beyond Mercury: Heavy Metals Update

Presented by David Quig, PhD


  • Discuss the issues of exposure and toxicity of thallium and gadolinium
  • Discuss toxicity of cadmium and tin, as well as exposure sources
  • Discuss the metals that patients are exposed to with orthopedic and dental implants
  • Discuss methods of metals testing
  • Discuss possible treatments to the above metals

Speaker Bio:
David Quig PhD received his BS and MS degrees in Human Nutrition from Virginia Tech and a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from the University of Illinois. After a five-year stint as a research associate studying lipid biochemistry and cardiovascular disease at Cornell University, he was as a Senior Cardiovascular Pharmacologist for seven years with a major pharmaceutical company. For the past 22 years David has served as the Vice President of Scientific Support for Doctor’s Data, Inc. He has focused on toxic elements, methylation and amino acid metabolism, the clinical application of the biochemistry of endogenous detoxification, and the influence of the gastrointestinal metabolome on health and sustained adverse conditions. David regularly speaks at national and international medical conferences, and has facilitated and co-authored an array of studies spanning exposure and retention of environmental toxicants, nutritional status and gastrointestinal dysbiosis. 

6:30-7:00: Sign in, potluck & networking 

7:00-7:10: Formal introductions of our sponsors

7:15: Speaker introduction and lecture

*Please bring healthy potluck items to share, as well as $20


David Musnick, MD​

​Larissa Severson, Office Manager

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The goal of PNWFM is to allow local health practitioners to learn about functional medicine & nutritional approaches for various conditions through top speakers in our area.

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