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Tuesday May 14th, 7 pm
Brain Dysfunction: Mechanisms and Treatment of Autoimmunity to the Brain

Presented by Tom O’Bryan DC  

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The goal of PNWFM is to allow local health practitioners to learn about functional medicine and nutritional approaches for various conditions through top speakers in our area.

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Our meetings are generally held on the last Tuesday or Wednesday of each month between September and May (taking a break in December and for the summer). The first 30 minutes are for networking with colleagues and vendors, while enjoying delicious potluck foods. Meetings start at 7:00pm and continue until 8:30pm. Please see our schedule below for a listing of our upcoming events. 


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Address:       1450 114th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98004

                         1st floor Training Room, Conifer Building, Bellefield Office Park

Time:              6:30-8:30 (first 30 minutes for networking and potluck)

Cost:              $20



Mark your calendars!

Tuesday May 14, 2019 at 7 pm
Brain Dysfunction: Mechanisms and Treatment of Autoimmunity to the Brain

Presented by Tom O’Bryan DC ​

Learning Objectives  

  • Ideas on where to start with a new complicated patient with any diagnosis
  • Learn why brain tissue gradually and sometimes rapidly declines 
  • Learn how chemicals that we are all exposed to can trigger brain immune responses
  • Determine which tests are most useful
  • Predictive autoimmunity using autoantibodies
  • Address the interaction between food immune responses and chemical and heavy metal immune responses
  • Determine what the brain may be trying to protect itself against: mold, chemicals, infections, etc
  • Learn a treatment approach to stop the autoimmune cascade 


Speaker Bio

Tom O’Bryan DC is a national and international lecturer on Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity, Autoimmune mechanisms and Brain Health.  He is faculty for the Institute for Functional Medicine.  He resides in southern California but lectures around the country and the world.  He has written 2 books including:The Autoimmune Fix 2016 and You Can Fix your Brain2018 and he has created the Docuseries Betrayal a series about the epidemic and reasons behind Autoimmune Disease.

6:30-7:00: Sign in, potluck, networking
: Lecture
: Break to meet the sponsors
: Resume lecture

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