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Our meetings are generally held on the last Tuesday or Wednesday of each month between September and May (taking a break in December and for the summer). The first 30 minutes are for networking with colleagues and vendors, while enjoying delicious potluck foods. Meetings start at 7:00pm and continue until 8:30pm. Please see our schedule below for a listing of our upcoming events. 


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Address:       1450 114th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98004

                         1st floor Training Room, Conifer Building, Bellefield Office Park

Time:              6:30-8:30 (first 30 minutes for networking and potluck)

Cost:              $20



Mark your calendars!

Tuesday January 29th, 7 pm
​SIBO: Causes for Recurrence and Treatment
Presented by Sabrina Kimball, ND, LAc

Learning Objectives  

  • Learn about the underlying causes of SIBO and why it keeps reoccurring
  • Learn the importance of addressing motility issues as part of SIBO treatment
  • Learn when to use probiotics and when to avoid them
  • Learn about what diet changes are important in SIBO treatment and how long they should be used
  • Learn about when to use antimicrobial herbs and for how long
  • Learn when to consider treatment for small intestinal fungal overgrowth (SIFO)

Speaker Bio
Sabrina Kimball, ND, LAc is a graduate of Bastyr University. She is a staff physician at Meridian Medicine in North Seattle where she practices both acupuncture and naturopathic medicine, specializing in gastroenterology and SIBO. Dr. Kimball keeps up to date with the latest research and clinical information on SIBO and its related conditions. 

6:30-7:00: Sign in, potluck, networking
: Lecture
: Break to meet the sponsors
: Resume lecture

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The goal of PNWFM is to allow local health practitioners to learn about functional medicine and nutritional approaches for various conditions through top speakers in our area.

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Tuesday January 29th, 7 pm
​SIBO: Causes for Recurrence and Treatment
Presented by Sabrina Kimball, ND, LAc

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